We deal with a variety of illnesses requiring treatments ranging from hospitalization to outpatient dialysis. We utilize a number of different medications; some of these medications have unavoidable side effects and many have potential interactions with other medications. It is important that we are aware of all the medication you are currently taking so that we can prevent adverse drug interactions. It is also important to notify us immediately of any side effects you feel you are experiencing or if you have any questions concerning a particular medication. It is best to contact us during office hours so that we will have access to your medical records. This will facilitate answering your questions. Please keep us informed of any medication changes or additions that are made by your other physicians. We suggest that you keep an updated list of your medications and their dosages with you at all times. Please bring this list with you to every visit so that we are able to maintain an accurate record of your medications. If you are a new patient, please bring all your medications with you to your first appointment.